JSON based and written in PHP

About Us

Lona Development is a part of the Kisara Group. The goal of Lona is to make Databases simple and fun again. No more SQL Query!

  • Help from the development team
  • Easy setup
  • Low system requirements

When we started this project, we had the goal, to make a small, but yet efficient database, that can even run on your phone (with the PHP binaries). So far, we have done some testing and are still implementing new ideas. Do you have any? Join our Discord server and tell us!


What do we offer?

  • 01Database server

    This is the heart of Lona. Our baby. Our everything. It does the thinking and stores all the variables.

  • It is currently the only way to manage the database without having to learn programming.


Is everything ready for real-world usage?

Our project can be found on our GitHub. But not everything is ready for real-world usage. Here is a small chart to show you, how near to the finish line is.

Dev-Clients 100%
Aro (On-hold)10%


This is our current management team and what everyone does.



Founder of Lona Development, Backend developer



CEO of Kisara Group, Frontend developer



Documentation and Design